RS Consulting founded in 2014, encompasses all the elements of a fresh contemporary consulting company ready to thrive.
Our main ambition is to offer valuable, accurate and trustworthy advice in order to boost our clients’ performance and lead them to achieve their visions.
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Our passionate consultants are committed to serve our clients needs' and lead their projects to success!

Why we can be entrusted with your business development?

RS Consulting is based in Athens, Greece. The team is coupled with both experienced partners providing the “know-how” and young teammates ready to bring in brand new ideas and tools. Knowledge and innovative way of thinking are well balanced assuring prompt advice of high standards and customized solutions that guarantee our clients’ success. Our consulting services are focused on Business Performance Development and Project Management & Planning in the construction, environment and energy field.

Our vision is to be a stepping stone towards our clients’ success

Our vision is to provide reliable and high-quality advice and solutions that can make a difference and help our clients achieve their mission in the right way. We believe that our role is not only to offer services that can bring a project to life with our experience and knowledge but also to create steady foundations through fresh ideas and approaches and a mindset focused on boosting our clients’ performance. Whether our clients need just a friendly advice or complete management of a project, we are ready to offer high value services and be the stepping stone towards their success.

– Values –
What we believe in

RS Consulting’s values drive the decisions we make, empower our company profile and define our mission to deliver our clients with high quality services. We encourage our colleagues to share these values in all aspects of services provided.

RS Consulting Integrity Values


We take decisions always driven by integrity. We value highly good citizenship and we consider that reliable methods implemented in all of our projects are of prominent position in our company.

RS Consulting Trust Values


We build long-term relationships of trust with our clients throughout our work to ensure we meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

RS Consulting Quality Values


We provide high quality and high added-value consulting services respecting our clients’ needs. We take time to provide quality results and not just do the job.

RS Consulting Teamwork Values


In RS Consulting we encourage our people to work in a team spirit towards a common goal and to collaborate productively to maximize our efficiency. ​


We believe that nature is the biggest gift the humanity is given and it is our responsibility to do anything possible to preserve it and pass it to the next generations, eco-friendly methods in order to minimize its ecological footprint but also undertake environmentally friendly projects that eliminate the pollution right in its source.

RS Consulting Passion Values


In every project we are committed, we dive into it with our forces and our passion to win in order to accomplish our client’s goals. We believe it is our role to satisfy our clients’ needs and be the “extra player” in their team to assist them in their path to success.

RS Consulting Excellence Values


It is important to keep ourselves up-to-date and to provide with the best available advice and solution. That is why, we continually improve the skills and abilities of our people ensuring technical and professional excellence in our services.

RS Consulting Sustainability Values


We strive to provide sustainable development and sustainable business solutions.

Our Services

RS Consulting serves both the public and private sector and provides services and solutions that meet the unique needs of each project. Our long-lasting experience through our involvement and numerous projects give us confidence to excel in:

Do you want to start a business,
but don’t have the experience?

Do you want to start a business,
but don’t have the experience?

Our people

Our team consists of people with admirable educational backgrounds but also applied experience in the work environment. Our consultants are motivated professionals with a clear focus on meeting clients’ expectations. We believe that our people make our company and we have invested in trustworthy, smart individuals that can reassure any project’s successful completion through their dedication and hard work. Our associates manage to keep their innovative thinking and give a fresh, contemporary perspective in any challenge they face. This inevitably leads to high performance and quality results. Most importantly we manage to conquer any challenge and reassure our client’s success.

Contact us

Phone: +30 210 8014275
Location: Papadiamanti 1 str., 14562 Kifissia